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Marlow Community Choir


Key dates at MCCaB for Winter 2019 / Spring 2020

11th September, 2019Wednesday19:30:0021:00:00
18th September, 2019Wednesday19:30:0021:00:001st Rehearsal for Winter Concert
25th September, 2019Wednesday19:30:0021:00:002nd Rehearsal for Winter Concert
2nd October, 2019Wednesday19:30:0021:00:003rd Rehearsal for Winter Concert
9th October, 2019Wednesday19:30:0021:00:004th Rehearsal for Winter Concert
16th October, 2019Wednesday19:30:0021:00:005th Rehearsal for Winter Concert
23rd October, 2019Wednesday  No Rehearsal (Half Term)
30th October, 2019Wednesday19:30:0021:00:00Liston Hall
6th November, 2019Wednesday19:30:0021:00:00Borlase
13th November, 2019Wednesday19:30:0021:00:00Liston Hall
20th November, 2019Wednesday19:30:0021:00:00Borlase
27th November, 2019Wednesday19:30:0021:00:00Liston Hall
4th December, 2019Wednesday19:30:0021:00:00Liston Hall
11th December, 2019Wednesday19:30:0021:00:00Borlase
18th December, 2019Wednesday  Xmas Break
25th December, 2019Wednesday  Xmas Break
1st January, 2020Wednesday  New Year
8th January, 2020Wednesday19:30:0021:00:00Liston Hall
15th January, 2020Wednesday19:30:0021:00:00Marlow Methodist Church
22nd January, 2020Wednesday19:30:0021:00:00Borlase
29th January, 2020Wednesday14:00:0017:00:00Liston Hall
1st February, 2020Saturday19:30:0021:30:00Concert at St Luke's Maidenhead
5th February, 2020Wednesday14:00:0017:00:00Liston Hall
12th February, 2020Wednesday19:30:0022:00:00Post Concert Social
19th February, 2020Wednesday19:30:0021:00:00No Rehearsal (Half Term)
26th February, 2020Wednesday  Borlase
4th March, 2020Wednesday19:30:0021:00:00Borlase
11th March, 2020Wednesday19:30:0021:00:00Borlase
18th March, 2020Wednesday19:30:0021:00:00Marlow Methodist Church
25th March, 2020Wednesday19:30:0021:00:00Borlase
1st April, 2020Wednesday19:30:0021:00:00Borlase
8th April, 2020Wednesday  Easter break
15th April, 2020Wednesday  Easter break
22nd April, 2020Wednesday19:30:0021:00:00Borlase
29th April, 2020Wednesday19:30:0021:00:00Liston Hall
6th May, 2020Wednesday19:30:0021:00:00Liston Hall
13th May, 2020Wednesday19:30:0021:00:00Liston Hall
20th May, 2020Wednesday19:30:0021:00:00Concert at All Saints , Marlow
27th May, 2020Wednesday19:30:0021:30:00Post Concert Social

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